Everything you need to know to get back on the road after COVID-19 


OK, travelling is our passion and, even with all the security measures in place, we can't wait to get back to it! However, we have to admit that between the so-called "new normality" and the limitations on international flights, our trips planned for this and next year... may have to be a little different. We'll help you make a mental map to start planning your next trip.

Plan and book now... for dates far away...


The situation created by the arrival of COVID-19 has disrupted many people's holiday plans for 2020, and we have to be realistic with the current situation. However, we can try to adapt to it to make the most of it. For example, it is true that, when it comes to big trips, far-flung destinations, tours and cruises, it is probably best to postpone your travel dates until 2021, although there is nothing to stop you booking today and enjoying great deals and convenient cancellation conditions that will presumably disappear over time as everything returns to normal. One of these destinations could be Lapland, one of the most desirable, which you can book now and enjoy months from now. If you are planning your trip for distant dates but move fast when it comes to booking, COVID-19 may give you the opportunity to visit dream destinations in better conditions.

A very different case is that of trips to Spain and Portugal, nearby destinations that are easy to reach and pose very little uncertainty. Of course, now is the best time to make your reservations in these destinations, even for the next few months, so as not to leave your summer "blank".

So, think NOW and BOOK EARLY, for dates far away.

GAME with the cancellation and modification fees.
Due to the situation that has arisen, most tour operators have made their policies on changes and cancellations much, if not completely, more flexible. This means that they now allow you to make bookings that you can cancel up to the last few days before travel, or change travel dates at no additional cost, and in destinations where these policies used to be very demanding before COVID-19. Of course, it doesn't happen on every offer, but if you pay attention or trust us to help you find them, you could book your dream destination holiday today without taking any risk!

You have to be a blank page

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Without a doubt, the star recommendation to make the most of the unexpected situation created by COVID-19: be a blank page. Why? Because it has never been a better idea than now to let yourself be inspired by the offers and travel ideas that we will offer you, in the safest, most receptive and most economical destinations at any given moment. What if it was time to travel to destinations that you hadn't thought of in the short term, but that you also want, and that are beginning to open their doors and become available for booking? You may not have foreseen it, but this year, or next year, may be the ideal unexpected opportunity to discover a world... that you hadn't thought of yet.

And the blank page can start to fill up with thousands of ideas on Spanish territory, or Portuguese territory, i.e. nearby, simple destinations, full of richness and attractions, which you can reach with a simple car journey, for example. In addition, domestic routes will be among the first air routes that we can expect to be reopened soon, bringing us even closer to nearby destinations where we can enjoy ourselves to the full. Perhaps this is the best time to investigate and be seduced by the best destinations in our country: beach destinations that you have not yet visited, nature in natural parks whose names you have pronounced many times but which you have not yet been to, gastronomic routes to travel by car and enjoy the best of each place, etc.

There are even those who these days are taking the blank page in the most transcendental or spiritual sense of the term: what if this were the occasion to reinvent my travelling self? And the fact is that, in the face of the desire of many to enter the so-called "new normal" as soon as possible, there are those who are considering taking advantage of the occasion and bifurcating their lives towards a new phase full of "new things", a "new me", which can begin to take shape by choosing unexpected destinations, or new ways of travelling, which they would not have even thought of before. "Once in a lifetime", once in a lifetime, some say these days, signalling that perhaps we will never have a better time to reinvent ourselves, to choose new ways of travelling, destinations that we didn't even think we could discover or that we said were not for us, without limits! Does it seem like a chimera in times of COVID-19? What if it was precisely the other way around and this was the best possible time thanks to COVID-19? Your blank page!

Make your travel plan B


For troubled times, liquid responses! Some call it resilience, although in the world of travel it could very well be called... having a plan B. Yes, because it is not a bad idea to recognise that COVID-19 has brought us a certain amount of uncertainty that can put an end to our dream trips due to outbreaks or health security limitations and impositions that make our trips difficult or impossible. And at the last minute. In order not to be left with nothing, and even less so after having gone through a confinement (another way of saying "nothing"), and not having too many "swims" together, it might not be a bad idea to come up with a Plan B for travel that is easier to make a reality. Just in case. For example, car trips to nearby destinations, routes linking cities full of attractions or simple stays to enjoy the beach with little more than a hotel and car reservation. Just relaxing in a nice place... can also be a dream trip!


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