Comparison: Tools in a set - or everything individually? 

Good tools are enormously important for a budding DIYer. Because the quality of the tools is reflected in the projects. With inferior tools you can't build with high quality - no matter what talent man or woman has. But especially at the beginning, the question arises: Should I rather buy my tools individually? Or should I resort to a tool set? There is no simple, clear answer to this question. Nevertheless, there are recommendations that can certainly be taken to heart!

Tool sets as basic equipment
As in every hobby, the do-it-yourselfer also needs basic equipment. This includes tools such as hammers, screwdrivers or box spanners. Many manufacturers offer this basic assortment in a pre-equipped tool box. The advantage of these offers is that you get the most important tools at a lower price than if you buy them individually. Tool sets are therefore highly recommended for newcomers.

The same applies to homeowners: Repairs or renovation work are always needed in a house. Whether it's hanging a picture, getting a new chest of drawers from the furniture store or a dripping tap - as a homeowner, it's important to have a basic assortment of tools.

When buying a tool set, it is essential to pay attention to the quality. Because with tools, more than anywhere else, it's true: "If you buy cheap, you buy twice!" Another point with cheap tools is the increased risk of injury, as they often have nasty weak points in the shoring. That's why a tool should absolutely meet the minimum requirement "GS - tested safety".

Power and special tools
While homeowners can get by with a basic set of tools for everyday work, more demanding do-it-yourselfers will quickly notice that they are still missing some tools. These are primarily power tools such as drills, jigsaws or angle grinders, but also special tools.

These tools are also often offered in sets, but they should rather be purchased individually. The reason for this is as follows: every do-it-yourselfer uses the machines differently for his or her work. While the amateur carpenter, for example, often needs a saw, the amateur screwdriver hardly ever uses one. Here it is important to concentrate on what is really needed. Wood lovers therefore go straight for a high-quality saw. Screwdrivers, on the other hand, can get by with a saw from the DIY store. In this way, all those who depend on quality tools can afford them. Because sets are very expensive in this area!

A budding do-it-yourselfer usually quickly gets a feeling for which tools should be of high quality and which are sufficient by default. And since the tool cellar will usually grow anyway with increasing experience and larger projects, it is worth buying machines individually and not in sets.

And what about battery-powered tools?
Battery-powered tools are a special case. Because here it can make perfect sense to resort to tool sets. If many projects have to be carried out in places without electricity, the do-it-yourselfer needs either an emergency generator or battery-powered tools. In this segment, major manufacturers such as Makita, Dewalt and Bosch offer complete tool sets. These contain, among other things, a cordless screwdriver, circular saw or construction site lamp and can all be powered by the same battery.

The advantage of these sets is that they are cheaper than buying them individually. However, if you know exactly what you need and what you don't need, you can also buy the tools as individual items. Today, manufacturers are increasingly making sure that the batteries of their tools are interchangeable, even apart from sets. So if you don't need a whole assortment, it's cheaper to buy individual tools. The most important thing with cordless tools is and remains that there is always a fully charged spare battery ready. This prevents unnecessary charging pauses during work.

Tool purchases: Our recommendation
Tool sets such as the famous tool box always form the basic equipment that should be available in every household. However, here, as elsewhere, attention should be paid to quality. Clearly, a 300-piece set that costs the same as a 100-piece set cannot be of equal value.

Power tools, on the other hand, are generally bought as needed. This is cheaper than buying a lot of unnecessary tools that come in sets. But if you have a lot of plans and the necessary money, you can confidently consider a set. But the same applies to sets: not everything is good!  So pay attention to the quality here, too!

An alternative that a beginning do-it-yourselfer can consider is the prudent purchase of second-hand equipment. In this way, you can enjoy high-quality tools at a low price and can selectively expand your toolbox with equipment that is still missing.


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