Roulette strategy: winning with tactics in roulette!

Roulette has been a crowd puller since its introduction in casinos and also excites players in online casinos. Roulette strategies were invented shortly after the game itself. Even though it is purely a game of chance, the appropriate roulette strategy can help you maximise your real money winnings. On this page, we present the best-known roulette strategies in detail and give an assessment of their suitability for practical use.

What you can learn about roulette strategies here:

How the different roulette variations influence the strategy
What you should consider when playing with a roulette strategy
Where to find the best roulette games to apply your strategy
What is a roulette strategy?
The term roulette strategy or roulette system refers to a method by which a player tries to win as much real money as possible through certain bets and types of bets. Roulette strategies often have a mathematical basis and give players rules for placing bets.

Roulette has spawned more strategies and game systems than any other casino game.

Overview of the best Roulette strategies
When choosing the right roulette strategy, you should decide according to your playing style and budget. Some systems are very aggressive, which means a rapid increase in bet size and involves a certain amount of risk. Other strategies string together many small wins for a moderate profit. These systems are more conservative and less aggressive. In the following overview, we have listed the most popular and best roulette strategies. We explain the respective rules and the probabilities of winning and possible payouts.


The Martingale game is one of the oldest and most widespread Roulette strategies. The principle of the Martingale is that in case of a loss, the player doubles the amount of his bet. In the event of a win, this automatically offsets all previous losses and the player records a profit on a base bet.

In practice
In our example below, a Martingale player is successful early on and ends up with a profit on the base bet of €5. Keep in mind, however, that the stake size in the Martingale can increase quickly, so an appropriate budget is required. The Martingale is played with bets on the easy odds.

Bet no. 3


20 € profit, profit

total = +5 €

Without the zero in the roulette wheel, the Martingale game would be a sure thing and the player could expect a profit in any case. However, the strategy requires perseverance in the form of a high budget. In addition, a table limit can cause you problems if the amount of the bets reaches the maximum possible amount. With the Martingale, caution is advised as well as a low base bet.


Labouchere is an interesting strategy because the player sets a winning target. Unlike the Martingale, it is not played with a doubling of the stakes, which is why the strategy is less aggressive. The theory and rules may seem complicated, but with our example even beginners can try this system.

The player sets an amount that he wants to win in total, about €100. This sum is divided into smaller units, which together make up the winning target. The individual amounts are noted as a series. Before each coup, the player adds up the numbers at the beginning and end of the sequence and sets this amount. In case of a win, the two numbers are crossed off. In case of a loss, the sum is added as the last number of the sequence. The winning goal is reached when all numbers are crossed off.

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