Why have a showcase site for your company?

Today, no company can evolve without being present on the web and without a showcase site. Whether it is a micro company, a small company or a larger company, it is essential to develop a digital communication and to have a website whatever the sector of activity.

Being present on the web has multiple advantages:

Getting known
Attracting new customers and building loyalty
Allowing Internet users to discover your products and services by reinforcing your credibility and your image
A showcase site can be an excellent solution to implement a relevant and effective digital communication strategy

It is surprising to note that 1/3 of companies in France do not have a website. And yet the first reflex that each of us has when we want to have information about a brand is to look for it on the internet.

A showcase site is therefore the first essential step for a company that wishes to have more visibility and attract potential customers. 80% of people search the web when they are looking for a product or service. If you are invisible, you lose the chance to attract some of these 80%!

Let's start with the third of companies that already have a website. Your website is your business card. In this case, it may be necessary to consider a redesign of your showcase site. It is important to carry out a complete audit of your site, to check that it is "responsive", i.e. that it adapts to smartphones and tablets, bearing in mind that searches on these media have overtaken searches on computers. It must be intuitive, easy to use, user-friendly and must allow the Internet user to find all the information concerning your company.

You are a company and you do not have a website? But what are the necessary steps to create a website? The creation of a showcase website cannot be improvised and must be based on a precise and specific webmarketing strategy. Your site must be a tailor-made showcase representing your activity. The content of your website must reflect your visual identity, it must inspire confidence and make people want to buy from you.

Don't hesitate to go on the web and look at examples of your competitors' sites, as all showcase sites are different. How their site is built, what information is given and how. Doing what is called a benchmark of the competition is very important in order to find the right approach to position yourself well.

This is the first question you should ask yourself. Being visible on the web is essential, but it must be thought out and organised. The creation of a showcase site requires the establishment of precise specifications. You have to choose the CMS, the different functionalities, who will be in charge of the content management, the graphic charter. It is a complete web project to create a website to give all the information about your products or services and attract future customers to you. The main objective is obviously to generate and increase your turnover.

A website project is not only about web design, but also about search engine optimisation. This is an essential part of the project that must be planned from the beginning. There are two ways to generate traffic on your website. Natural referencing and paid referencing.

The cost of creating a website must be taken into account in the budget, but not only. In order to be visible to your competitors, you need to set up a content management system. Web communication is not simple and the pages of your website will have to respond to SEO techniques. You will either have to call on a digital agency to do this or train yourself to create your own content.

Paid search, which is done via Google Adwords (Google Ads), is quite different and can sometimes require large budgets. It is therefore important to plan ahead so that the return on investment is positive.

Why have a showcase site for your company?
To conclude, a showcase site is the basis of a company's communication on the web. Setting it up can be a big job because it represents your company and the message you want to get across to your customers. So don't neglect this magnificent business card that is the showcase site.


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