Strengthen your online presence and search engine optimization with Twitter

You may not know it, but tweets can also appear in Google search results! That's why it's important to have a relevant content strategy, and to make the most of Twitter to get the most out of it.

Obviously, the messages you tweet will not appear at the top of the search results. However, depending on the relevance of your tweets and the degree of competition from queries, they may reach the fourth, third or even second page of results. This is a significant advantage, as it gives you the opportunity to be listed on new search terms. The corporate Twitter profile is therefore a very good complementary tool to SEO.

Your Twitter account also allows you to increase links to your website. By sharing blog posts, new information, and a few well-placed hashtags, you can attract members of the twittosphere to your web pages and increase your traffic.

It is also important to relay information from other well-known accounts through retweeting and quoting: this gives your profile credibility.

Use your corporate Twitter profile as a monitoring tool
Monitor your competition
Twitter is not only a tool for sharing information, but also for gathering valuable information. And using it for competitive intelligence can be a great help.

There are built-in keyword search tools to look for information that might be of interest to you. For example, you can go fishing for comments made about your company. You can also look at what is being said about your competitors, so that you can be inspired by their reviews. Twitter's hashtag search tool offers photos, videos, news, and more!

Find potential customers
Your business Twitter account also allows you to find potential customers. How do you do this? It's very simple: if you're a graphic designer, you can set up a search for the key term "graphic designer search" "freelance graphic designer" and be notified as soon as someone uses that term so you can respond by offering your services. It's that easy!

Communicate with your clients directly and effectively
As mentioned above, communication is a core value of Twitter. It is up to you to use this value as you see fit, in order to build a better image!

Some companies rely heavily on the repartee of their community managers to give themselves a young and friendly image. However, you can use community management in any way you like to shape your brand image to your liking.

The ease with which you can gather opinions about your business on the Twitter network gives you a chance to react in real time, which will show your customers that you care.

When the community manager of a supermarket decides to play the game by responding to even the most absurd tweets: a strategy that pays off for the company's image!

It is also possible that some customers, tired of impersonal forms and online procedures, come to you with questions directly on your company Twitter profile, by private message or even by tweet. Don't ignore their requests! These people are additional customers who for the most part would not have initiated the process other than on Twitter, for fear of being confronted with a lack of response (this is unfortunately the case on many websites).

Rejuvenate your image by offering them personal support, and you will reap valuable positive feedback on your services! Twitter has become a new after-sales service that makes it easier and faster for brands to respond to customers.

Twitter is viral even for businesses
Before TikTok came into our lives, Twitter was the social network of choice for virality. With the option of retweeting and quoting, some tweets can reach an impressive reach, no matter how many followers you have. Let me explain: you have a Twitter account with 100 followers, but among them, there is one who has 10,000 followers. He retweets your tweet, and your reach immediately increases from 100 people to 10,000. Sure, virality can be dangerous, but if you're looking for visibility, Twitter is for you.

Twitter offers a ranking of the brands that stood out at the end of the year.  At the top of the list, the famous Milka Marmot, which has been impressing us since 1998!

Netflix has also improved its goodwill with light-hearted and funny Tweets and responses. With a little over 10 million followers, the Netflix page has a well-tested communication strategy, but above all it is uniform across all its country pages (@Netflix_CA, @NetflixFR...). The platform's visibility is growing and Twitter remains Netflix's favourite social network, proving that it is an indispensable tool.

How to gain more followers on Twitter?
Now that you have understood that you need to create a Twitter account, it is time to optimise it. There are many ways to gain more followers on Twitter, fortunately we have written an article listing our best tips! But here's an overview:

Optimize your page
Use the latest Twitter news
Publish relevant content
Engage your community
Tweet often and smartly

Why have a Twitter account for your business?
Creating a Twitter account for your business gives you one more tool to perfect your web marketing strategy. For competitive intelligence or natural referencing purposes, you can use the social network at will to make the most of its capabilities.

Don't hesitate, take the plunge: the twittosphere is waiting for you!

Would you like to benefit from personalised support to develop your online presence, particularly on social networks? Contact our agency today and take advantage of our expert advice!


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