The funniest movies

The proposal we suggested earlier about the snack bar for the cinema as a couple is still valid here. Fill it with healthy products and add treats. This way, the children will be more receptive to enjoy the plan you are proposing to them.

If they are small, you can build a fort with sheets and blankets. We can assure you that it takes no time at all to prepare and that the children will have a great time. What's more, it breaks up the routine of domestic spaces. This is essential for young people to get involved and have a great time.

In the same way, we advise you to create an assortment of popcorn. Children tend to love the sweet varieties, such as caramel. You can make popcorn cartridges similar to those sold in cinemas with little effort. Personalise them for each member of the family and fill them with a bite that tastes like good cinema.

Films for the whole family to enjoy
Now it's time to provide you with movie ideas to make your family film session perfect. Family films can appeal to everyone. It doesn't have to be exclusively for children, nor does it have to be too focused on adult audiences. There are films that strike a balance between both extremes. Therefore, we are going to mix classics with other more modern films. We hope you like the following list:

- Space Jam. Basketball with Michael Jordan and animated characters from the Looney Toons; sounds like a successful combination for the little ones.

- My Neighbour Totoro. A classic Asian animation that you can enjoy with the whole family.

- Kubo and the Two Magic Strings. An unconventional animation that will surprise you.

- The Neverending Story. A classic that has been captivating young and old since the 80s.

- Harry Potter. You have a saga made up of eight films full of magic, fascinating characters and a thrilling story.

As you can see, home cinema is one of those plans that you can't and shouldn't resist. Make the most of the films we have recommended, prepare the snacks you fancy and enjoy yourselves, and share a moment of fun with your loved ones!


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