How to dress for a summer wedding man?

Your friends are getting married. Have you started to wonder how to dress for a men's wedding? We can help you! There are some rules for the women's outfits, but also for the male guests. We have prepared for you 65 pictures that will make you dress well for your loved ones' wedding. You can find them on this page. But first, we will give you some tips that apply to any special occasion.

We can't all be invited to a Star Wars wedding and be dressed as Stormtroopers. Whether it's too elegant for an evening or afternoon wedding, vintage or modern, country house or coastal wedding, it's important to dress in style. There are a few simple tips for this:

On this day, set an attitude of honour, respect and service to the most important people - the bride and groom;
Wear a suit! At least one jacket, even a cotton one;
It is better to be dressed more than less formally;
Wear bright colours and fabrics for spring, summer and daytime weddings;
Dark colours and heavier fabrics are acceptable for winter and evening weddings;
Have fun!
Well, we know you don't all like to wear a suit, but as well as giving respect to the bride and groom, you'll attract good attention. The feminine side of the guests is usually enchanted by elegant men wearing smart suits. So our advice is to choose something elegant to make the right impression. And perhaps coordinate what you have chosen with your lady (or a man if you are going as a couple.

One hint to bear in mind when choosing your wedding outfit is that the colour Black and white is not too well received for guest suits in the Western tradition. There are always exceptions, for example, if the couple is the choice of the couple or if your girlfriend's outfit has chosen a small elegant black dress, and even if you wear a light shirt and cool coloured accessories. In conclusion, it is recommended to avoid black and choose the most elegant outfit you have. And above all, have fun!

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Tips on how to choose the right suit
Elegant wedding in black suits and golden straw dresses
In this cute wedding photo, we see the acceptable exception to the black colour of the guests or witnesses suits, etc. White shirts in combination with bright mint butterflies and buttonholes with fresh flowers are a very good option for the glamorous themed wedding. The bride and groom decide on the colours of the decoration and the outfits of the wedding participants and they can choose what they want. If you don't know this and want to understand it, send them an e-mail asking what main colours they have chosen.

How to dress for an elegant wedding husband and wife
How to dress for a modern wedding man in blue with trainers and suit
owl details - how to dress for a wedding man
Style and class with a guest wedding suit in dark blue with a modern tie

Beautiful elegant couples for an elegant event

Nice idea for him, but not so much for her - sweet couple photo

Fashion and elegance meet in this chic wedding guest outfit

Couple's style for a summer wedding from the daytime

A well-dressed couple for the wedding of friends who chose black and red as colours

Pair of owls with chic and modern outfits

Elegant look for special occasions - nice dress and suit.

Dark blue is something you can wear for a winter evening wedding

Elegant pair of owls - matching Hollywood evening wear

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Elegant suit is a good investment for the future

Colours close to grey are too appropriate for elegant suits

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Being elegant will attract the attention you want

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